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For the LMS (Learning Management System) many users(or members) will be created by using the registration form on your website themselves. There are two other ways users can be added by you; individually with the Member tool and bulk additions with Member Import Export tool. This article discusses the Member Import Export tool for bulk additions and the export of member data. For information on managing user information and adding individual users please see the Member article.

Within the Member tool you have to option to bulk Import and Export members. To do this go to Content Manager > Member > Member Import Export.

Import - This is done with your custom template CSV file that you would have received from an Advantage CSP Project Manager. When you have populated the custom CSV file with your member information you can then go into the LMS to add the file. If you do not have the custom CSV file please reach out to support.

Use the Select button to navigate to the file location on your computer for your custom CSV file and click on it. Then click on the Import button to import your list of members to be registered. You will receive a "Success" message on the screen as confirmation that the file imported.

Export - If you wish to export a list of all members in your LMS then click the Export button to download and save the CSV file to your computer.



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