Course Report

The Course Report will give you information in two different ways. One it will give a listing of all your courses offered and tell you the number of users who are Incomplete(they have started the course but not finished) and Complete(they have finished all the modules for a course and any quizzes or tests associated with it).

Second the Course Report will also provide more detail on individual courses. When you select a course name from the list you will be able to apply filters for information on users such as, Registered and Purchased the Course, Completed, Passed, Failed, and Not Completed. Please see below for steps on how to run these reports.

In order to run the configured LMS Reports that are available, in the navigation menu go to Content Manager > Reports.

Select Course Report.

First the report runs on all your courses by simply clicking on Course Report from the navigation menu as you have just done. You can export the report by clicking on the CSV or Excel buttons at the top left corner of the table. The file will be in your downloads and the exported data will display the four columns of Course ID, Course Name, Incomplete and Complete. If viewing the report there in the LMS use the Search bar to search for a particular course or use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom right of the table on your screen.Course_Report_-_1.jpg

The second way you can run Course Report is if you need to run a report on an individual course. Type the name in the Search bar at the top right or you can page through the list of your courses by clicking the on the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom right of the table that lists the courses, 10 courses will display at a time.

By clicking on the course name it will highlight it and then below the table of courses you will now have other options to run on that particular course. In this example the course named Module 6 was selected and now we see the option to choose a Date Range and a number of Filter By choices. You can now get more granular information on that particular course as to Registered and Purchased the Course, Completed, Passed, Failed, Not Completed.Course_Report_-_2.jpg

Here a Date Range was set and the filter Completed was applied, the table at the bottom of the screen was populated with the relevant data for the selected course name and is filtered for only users who have Completed that course. From there you can Search a particular student's name and see at a glance the relevant information in the columns Student Name, Start Date, Last Update, Status, Attempts Used and Passed/Failed.Course_Report_-_3.jpg

Use the CSV or Excel buttons to export the report.Course_Report_-_4.jpg

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