Before creating a course with the LMS tool in your instance of Advantage CSP you will need to create and add the quizzes so that they are available to you when creating a course.

Create a Quiz

Go to Content Manager > LMS

Click on Quiz, in the Quiz tab give it a Name and Description.

Then from the Question Order drop down menu choose either Fixed Order or Random Order.Quiz_-_1.jpg

Click on the Question Groups tab and enter a Name.

The option for Question Order appears again and this time you can choose Inherit from Quiz(meaning the setting you selected in the Quiz tab) or Fixed Order or Random Order.

Enter the Number of Questions and the Weight Importance %.

Select the IsActive checkbox to turn this group on.

Then click Update on the far right side of the tabs.Quiz_-_2.jpg

Then go to the Questions tab and in the Question Controls section in the bottom right you will see the options Check List, Match and Option List.

Drag the Question Control you wish to use for the first question into the Question Manager area.Questions_tab_-_1.jpg

Here we see a Quiz that has been set up with the first question as a Match and the rest of the questions are using the Option List.Questions_tab_-_2.jpg

To set the details of the Question click on the pencil icon to edit. In this example the question type is a Check List and you will fill in the Display Name and Max Score Value. Then in the Question content area you will type the question, if any images are required they can be added with the Insert tab.Questions_tab_-_3.jpg

Then click Add new record to create the options that will display for the potential answers. Give each a Display Name, Value and then click the check box on the option that is the correct answer. Click Update and Publish when complete to save your question and add it to the quiz. Questions_tab_-_4.jpg


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