Scorm Packages

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model, and is a set of technical standards for eLearning software products. It standardizes the way in which eLearning courses are created, and how they’re launched.

The two main components of ‘SCORM’ are Shareable Content Object and Reference Model.

Shareable Content Object or SCO: This describes the elements of the SCORM package that can be reused across multiple tools and platforms. Once the various elements of the package are SCORM compliant, the content should be understood by all compatible learning platforms and tools. They are the ‘assets’ used in the course.

SCOs – or Shareable Content Objects – are the individual trackable pieces of eLearning, so these might be whole courses or one page. It just means something that can be individually uploaded and tracked by an LMS.

Reference Model: This part of the term tells you that SCORM is a standard, the specification for which can be understood and applied in a consistent way by all who work in the eLearning industry. These are the ‘rules’ everyone follows.

SCORM defines how eLearning content should be packaged into a transferable ZIP file called a “Package Interchange File.” This is known as a SCORM file. It’s this file that needs to be set up according to the structure that SCORM standards require, and including the core files that allow it to properly communicate with the LMS.

You will have created your courses and modules and saved them into a SCORM file or package, these SCORM packages need to be added into the LMS before creating/setting up a course in your instance of Advantage CSP. Follow these steps below to add SCORM Packages.

Add Scorm Packages

  1. Go to Content Manager > LMS
  2. Click Scorm Packages and enter the Name, Title Display in Player and a brief Description.
  3. To upload a package click Select to navigate your computer's file system or you can simply drag and drop the file to the area labelled Drop files here.
  4. Click Publish in the top right corner when finished. Repeat these steps to add additional packages.Scorm_-_add_new.jpg



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