Creating a Course Category and a Course

Creating a course is dependant on other pieces in the LMS, once you have created your Scorm Packages and Quizzes you can now create the Course Category and the Course itself. See the following articles on setting up Scorm Packages and Quizzes;

Scorm Packages


Creating Course Categories is useful to organize your LMS if you are offering multiple courses. To create a Course Category in Advantage CSP, from the navigation menu on the left select Content Manager.

Click LMS to expand and go to Course Category.

Click the Add button and fill in the name of the category.

When finished click Publish at the top right.Course_Category_-_Add.jpg


Create a Course

There are a number of settings to work with here so always remember to use the Actions button to Save Draft as you work and when complete click Publish up in the top right.

From the navigation menu on the left select Content Manager.

Click LMS to expand and go to Course.

Click the Add button and fill in the information required for the Overview tab.

SEO Information section allows for a name, description and keywords if you need it to be SEO friendly.

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results in search engines. It aims to improve your website’s position on search results pages. By filling in the SEO information with the relevant name, description and keywords about the course you will help make it easier for users to search for and find your courses, and search engines give the pages a higher ranking.

The Course Overview will need the checkbox for Active selected in order for users to view and complete the course.

Enter the Date the course was created.

Enter the Passing Grade for the course and the number of Attempts a user is permitted.Create_a_Course_-1.jpg

The Lock Module Order checkbox will ensure that a course appears in the order based on the Sort Order value you give it and will ensure that the user will not proceed to the next course until this one is completed.

The CurrencyList section allows you to set the currency and the price of a course by entering the name, currency code and amount. You can offer a course in multiple currencies. If the courses offered are free simply enter zero(0) for the amount.

The Image section allows you to add a relevant image for the course. You can then select the Course Category from the list available based on those you created earlier.

Content is where you will enter a short Summary of the course. The Full Description section is where you can enter more information on the course and include images, videos and links with the Insert tab.

Use the Actions button at the top right to Save Draft or the Publish before you continue in the Modules tab to finish setting up the course.

In the Modules tab you start with the General tab, set the module to IsActive, give it a Title and in the Summary field a short description.

Set the Weight Importance % with the desired value, if the quiz is part of the final mark. Set to zero and the course will not be scored as part of the final mark.

From the Quiz drop down menu select the relevant quiz you had created earlier from the list.

From the Scorm Package drop down menu select the package for this module.Create_a_Course_-2.jpg

In the Image tab you can add an image for both Mobile and Desktop.

Enter a more detailed description for the module in the Description tab from the content area.

Lastly in the References tab you can add references and the relevant URLs to show users the links.

Always remember to use the Actions button to Save Draft as you work and when complete click Publish.



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