Task Manager

This Advanced feature allows the site's super administrator to manage workflow by assigning team members tasks within Advantage CSP.


Create a Task

  1. In Page Manager click on the Content icon for a page in the site navigation tree.
  2. Click on Create Task and then choose Open TaskCreate_Task_button.jpg
  3. Change the Task State to Assigned.
  4. Select the team member you would like to assign the task to.
  5. Fill in the Details section with a due date, title and a description of the task.
  6. In the top right corner click Save & Close.Create_Task.jpg

When the user of the the assigned task logs into their account they will see the Tasks on their Dashboard when they scroll down to My Open Tasks.


The user can then change the Task Status to Open, Review, Publish or Feedback depending on your organization's workflow. The Task State can be set to In Progress or Complete. When the task is completed, click Close Task.

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