Page Manager: Add Drag and Drop Widgets

Modules are reusable components available within your Page Manager that can be dropped on any content page, within any zone of a layout. A module is used to bind content to a page that is rendered on the front end of your website and is added in a content page with Drag and Drop Widgets as they are otherwise referred to. They are found on the top right of a content page and here we see a sample of some modules/drag and drop widgets.


Adding a Module to a Page

This example will show how to add a New Article to a content page in your website.

  1. Go to Page Manager
  2. If the News Article will be added to an existing page then click on the Content icon. In the Drag and Drop Widgets panel on the right side drag News Article widget to the area of the page you want your News Article to appear.
  3. Click the pencil edit icon.
  4. Configure how you want your News Article to appear by entering the required information and selecting check boxes for the various settings.

  5. Click Update in the top right.
  6. Your News Article will look similar to this as seen in the preview below.


You can perform the same steps with other Drag and Drop Widgets you have available in your Advantage CSP to build and customize web pages for you site.

Editing a Module

In Advantage CSP you will find three types of modules:

  1. Editable modules that contain Inline content
  2. Configurable modules, where the CMS user can configure specific settings that are tied to a data source (Tool)
  3. Non-configurable modules, where the configuration is done at the data source (Tool)

For modules that can be edited or configured, like Content Area or a Banner, follow these steps:

  1. Click the pencil icon
  2. Set the Container Size with the options available in the drop-down menu
  3. If the module has an image, you can use the image editor area to edit or make changes
  4. Use the content area to add or update any text that will be in the module
  5. Click Update to return to the the Content page and then click the Functions button and Publish

Activating a Module

To publish an inactive module on a Content page hover over the orange button and it will say "Make this module active", simply click it to change it to a green button with a check mark. Then in the top right click on Functions and Publish.


Deleting a Module

To delete a module, simply click on the red X button and confirm you wish to delete.


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