Modules and Module Categories

Modules are reusable components available within your Page Manager that can be dropped on any content page, within any zone of a layout. A module is used to bind content to a page that is rendered on the front end of your website and is added in a content page with Drag and Drop Widgets as they are otherwise referred to. They are found on the top right of a content page and here we see a sample of some modules/drag and drop widgets. How to add them to a page can be found in this article, Page Manager: Add Drag and Drop Widgets. But first you must create Module Categories and Modules and that is below in this article.


Create Module Categories

First you will create the Module Categories, these are used to organize the Modules and how they will display when you are creating Modules, you do this by going to System Administrator and then Module Categories in the navigation menu.


Click the Add button near the top left, enter a Name, select the Sort Order for the order it will appear in the list and check the box for Active to make it visible. Then click Save in the top right.

Create a Module

Navigate to System Administrator and then Modules. Click the Add button near the top left.

Fill in the Module Properties tab with the required information. Here you can select which domains this module will be available in if you are managing multiple sites. You can also select multiple Container Sizes as defaults for use in the module. There is also the Dialog Editor Snippets tab where you can add snippets to the module you are creating. Click Save in the top right when complete.


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