Adding multiple languages to your website is easy with Advantage CSP, from the navigation menu select System Administrator and then click Languages.


  1. Click on the Add button.
  2. Click the check box for Active.
  3. From the Language drop-down select one of the many languages available.
  4. Enter a Display Name, then select the Orientation and choose an Abbreviation for the language and how it will be displayed.
  5. Click Save in the top right of the page.
  6. Then, still in System Administrator select Domains, and for the domain you wish to add the new language to click on the pencil icon.
  7. Scroll down to the Languages section of that page and click the pencil icon beside the language you wish to activate.
  8. Use the select button select_file_button.png to choose the Dictionary file from the pop-up dialog box.
  9. Click the check box for Active.
  10. Last click Update in that section and then Save at the top right of the page.





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