Configurations Settings: System Tab

The Configuration Settings section in the navigation menu holds many setting for your website in the following four tabs; Site, System, Social and Admin. This article contains information on the System tab.



These settings allow you to configure access for Google Analytics and Trialfire, and more information on setup can be found in the following articles.

Analytics: Dashboard Overview

Analytics: Add Domain to Google Analytics

Adding Trialfire Access


Set API entries for objects within your website.


The Image Editor tab is where you can add image file extension types.


This is used when you want to make any default changes for the Editor for work within the admin, which includes - General Settings, Snippets, and Classes.

Error Logging

Turn on Error Logging for your site simply by checking the boxes for Log Error to Database and Log 404 Errors, then click on Save.

To find the log, go to this path ~/Admin/Webmaster/Error/ErrorLog.aspx 

Error Pages

This will be used to set default content for different error code pages, including 404, 403 and General.


Image Configuration

This is where you set the Image Derivatives for automatic image resizing and more details can be found in this article Image Derivative(Automatic Image Resizing).

Search Configuration

The Search Configuration settings allow for indexing and logging. You can also configure Content, Location and Security Categories.

SMTP Server Settings

Setup your email server settings.

URL Rewrites

Advantage CSP supports custom URL Rewrites for how your web pages will appear in a browser. This low-level interface provides the same function as editing an htaccess file. 


From the System tab select Url Rewrites by clicking on the pencil icon. You can then click the Add button.


Fill in the Source Url, then the Rewrite field and select the Response code from the drop-down menu. Click Update and Save to complete and you will see the new rewrite in the list.



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