Configurations Settings: Site Tab

The Configuration Settings section holds many setting for your website in the following four tabs; Site, System, Social and Admin. This article contains information on the Site tab.


Site Settings


This is where you will set the icon to be associated with your URL and that shows in a browser's tabs, bookmark bar or menu.

Grid System Configuration

This is where you set the grid sizes for organizing content on your web pages.

Javascript Files

Include additional javascript files to your site.

  1. Click the pencil to edit and the Add button to add a new item to the list
  2. Select from the drop down list - Local File, Remote File or Embedded
  3. Click the check box for Use in Site
  4. Select either Top of page or Bottom of page
  5. Add the path for a local file, or URL for a remote file
  6. Click Update to add to the List
  7. Click Save button to complete the process

Open Graph Defaults

This setting allows you to provide information that will be used to create previews of your site when it's used and shared on social network sites.

Robots Text File

You can create a robots.txt from here. 

  1. From the Site tab click on pencil icon to edit Robots text file
  2. Add into <Handlers> section of web.config:

    <remove name="AdvantageCMS.Core.Routing.AdvantageRouteHandlerRobots"/>
    <add name="AdvantageCMS.Core.Routing.AdvantageRouteHandlerRobots" path="sitemap.xml" verb="GET" type="AdvantageCMS.Core.Routing.AdvantageRouteHandlerRobots" preCondition="integratedMode,runtimeVersionv4.0" />
  3. Click Save when finished

Site Map Settings

Advantage CSP supports both on-page and XML sitemap outputs. To view the XML output, navigate to the front-end of your website, and type in the address field within your web browser, You will see output similar to the image below.


To edit your site map settings from the Site tab select Site map settings by clicking on the pencil icon. As seen in the image below you can assign page weighting, include flag, priority weighting and custom paths.


Site Scripts

Advantage CSP supports the ability to add global scripts to your site, along with page-level embeds through the script widget. To create Site Scripts, in the navigation menu select Domain Management and then Configurations Settings. Then from the Site tab select Site Scripts by clicking on the pencil icon.


Enter a title for your script, set to Active, define load sequence by placing the script either at the top or bottom, paste your script and click Update followed by Save located in the right-hand corner to set the script live.



Style Sheets


Include Style Sheets to your site. Add a new Style Sheet

  1. From the Site tab click on pencil icon to edit Style Sheets
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Select the location, Local, Remote or Embedded
  4. Check to select Site if you want to file to be used on the site
  5. Check to select Editor if you want the file to show in the Rad Editors
  6. Check to select Layout if you want the file to
  7. Select your preferred location for it to be rendered on the top or bottom of page
  8. Input your File location
  9. Click Update to add it to the list
  10. Click Save button to complete



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