This section allows a website admin to add Roles, or change what authority an existing Role encompasses. Roles are not generally created after the initial set up. Once created Roles are accessed and assigned by selecting the Roles tab from within the Users list in the navigation.


Create a New Role

Advantage CSP has settings that allow granular control for each Role and what they have permission to see and do within the CMS to manager your website.

Click the Add button, enter the desired Role name, select it as Active. Next select the Domain and in the various tabs check off all areas of the site this role will have access to and the actions they are allowed to perform. When the required information has been entered click the Save button. This Role can then be applied to a User in the Roles tab of the User settings.

In this example below you can see the ability to control if a user can Save, Delete, View, Publish, Create Task or use the Schedule feature for the content management of your website.


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