Dynamic Forms

Here in the Dynamic Forms section of the Content Manager, you will find how to build forms for your website and include them in the layout of a web page. The Dynamic Forms section consists of three functions Form Controls, Form Manager and Form Results.


Topics in this article:

Form Controls

This holds a list of form controls for use when creating a form and they are used in the Form Fields tab that will be mentioned below.


Form Manager

Here you can create new forms for your website. The Form Manager has five settings tabs as seen below, fill in each tab with the required information to configure the look of your form.

General tab


Form Fields tab

Use the drop-down menu to select the fields for the form and click Add Control to the right of the drop-down menu. The up and down arrows are used to arrange the order that the fields will appear in the form. Click the pencil icon to edit if necessary.


Message Content tab

Here is where to add text, images, links, success and failed messages, and more to the form.


Email Messages and SMTP Configuration tabs

From these tabs you can setup emails to be sent to the submitter or the admin and whether or not to include the form data in the email. SMTP Configuration is where to input the mail server information for these messages to be sent.

When you are done filling out these 5 tabs click the Publish It! button. For how to include a form on a page see the section Add a Form to a Page below in this article.

Form Results

From the drop-down select the form you wish to see the results for and it will display below or you can use the Export button to export the results for easy viewing.



Add a Form to a Page

  1. Go to Page Manager
  2. Click on the Content icon for the page you need to add the form to. In the Drag and Drop Widgets on the right side drag the Form Builder widget to the area of the page you want your form to appear.

  3. Click the Pencil edit icon.
  4. Set a title and use the Form Selector drop-down to choose your form.


  5. Click Update in the top right and when it goes back to the content window for the page click Publish.
  6. From the Actions button click Preview to see how the form appears on your page or use Live Preview Editor preview_tool2.png on the right edge to get a preview of how the form will appear.







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