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Adding Events is easy in AdvantageCSP when you follow the order of operations. First you must create the types in the Events Type tool from the navigation menu on the left side. Once the types have been created you can proceed to create Events, see the steps below.


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Create Events Type

  1. Go to Content Manager.
  2. Go to Events Type.
  3. Click the Add_button.jpgbutton.
  4. Fill in the Category Name.
  5. Click the Publish button in the top right and select the Share and Publish check boxes, followed by the Publish It! button.


Create Events

  1. Go to Content Manager.
  2. Click on Events.
  3. Click the Add_button.jpgbutton.
  4. The Version Name will be filled in with the current date and time, or you may choose your own name.
  5. Fill in the Event Information section with the Name, Type, Location, check for Accessibility and ALS Interpreters, and provide a Short Description of your event. In the Page URL section enter the SEO Name.create_Events_configuration.jpg
  6. The Date Time section is where you provide the Start and End Date, and a Start and End Time.
  7. Event Fee/Registration field is to enter the fee and amount and a URL for users to go to for actual registration of the event.create_Events_configuration2.jpg
  8. Next the Content field displays the standard editor for you to add content for your blog post.create_Events_configuration3.jpg
  9. At this point you can Save Draft or Publish.

Add Events to a Page

  1. Go to Page Manager
  2. If the event will be added to an existing page then click on the Content icon. In the Drag and Drop Widgets on the right side drag Events widget to the area of the page you want your event to appear.

  3. Click the Pencil edit icon.
  4. Configure how you want your event to appear by entering the required information and selecting check boxes for the various settings.

  5. Click Update in the top right.

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