Page Manager: Drag and Drop Widgets

Out of the box Advantage CSP comes with all the tools and modules you need to get going in creating the perfect digital experience for your users.

Drag and Drop Widgets can be dragged between zones in addition to their respective position within its original zone.

All the widgets will be available to be used with any template. The admin has to be aware that some widgets may not have the feature to select the container size for the widget, so in select cases the contents may not fit in the zone that the admin is trying to use the widget on and with that the feature has been disable to protect the integrity of your design.  

Below is a description of some of the available Drag & Drop Widgets, and this article will explain how to add a widget to a Content page, Page Manager: Add Drag and Drop Widgets.


Banner Slider - Here you can add Hero Banners either as one image or multiple and turn it into a Slider.


Accordion: Accordion allows you to insert content in a accordion style blocks

Block Link - Display a block of links. Drag the module, click add and complete the information below. You can add images to display your links with images.

Call to Action - this a content block to showcase your CTA

Content Area - Content is anything you want it to be. It's a block to allow you to be creative. For example: 


Content Tile - Your content tile is how to set up pricing modules

Divider - Insert spacer in-between blocks of content

Tab - Display content in a tabbed view

Testimonials - Display testimonials


  • Document Selector
  • Documents by Category


Form Builder - Add a form already created from Dynamic Form Builder to a page



Blog Category - View blog posts by a specific category. For example sorted by "The Latest"

Blog Post - Configure settings to show blog posts, either all or by category

Event Calendar - Display your events in Calendar format

News Article - Display news content on a page by adding the News Article module


Profile - The ability to add just a single member profile 

Team Profile - Displays member profiles for your team in a block


Facebook Feed - Fill out your Facebook information to display your Facebook feed.

Twitter Feed - Fill out your Twitter information to display your Twitter feed.

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