Content Manager Overview

The Content Manager section of Advantage CSP is where all of your structured data resides and the items listed here are your tools. The tools within the Content Manager act as the data source for their module counterparts which are located in Advantage CSP’s navigation manager. In the example below the Blog Post tool shows the entries that have been created and available to edit.


All of the tools have a similar structure and format, which is as follows:

A list of the items which have been added to this tool is displayed, and upon clicking Add or Edit an existing record, the screen fades in with fields where information can be entered. Use the Add button, located towards the top of the list of records, to create a new record.


A user will enter the required information and save the information as a draft. Once saved, the newly created item will appear in the list. If it is marked as published, it is visible on the live site. If it was saved as a draft with no previous published versions, it will not be visible on the live site.

The information contained within each tool is used to control information displayed in modules throughout the site, which is added in the navigation manager’s content view.

In many of the tools there are the icons which administrators should be familiar with. They are:

 Edit_-_white_pencil_icon2.jpgThe Edit icon, allows you to edit the information for the item listed in the tool. If the Edit button is white it mean the content is in draft and hasn't been published yet.

 Edit_-_green_pencil_icon.jpgThe Edit icon in green, indicating the item is published and viewable on your site.

Once you enter the Edit mode for a content tool you are presented with tabs and buttons similar to managing content in the Page Manager. On the top left side are the Drafts, Live and Historical tabs and across the top right side of this view are the Back to List, Schedule, Create Task, Actions, Functions and Publish buttons. In the top portion of the Draft tab are the Versions and Version Name fields as well. More on these features below.



This is referred to as working copy within Advantage CSP. A user can have multiple working copies of a page and or entries within an Advantage CSP tool.


This refers to your websites published content.


This refers to past versions of pages or tool content entries. If an earlier version needs to be published, then a user can choose the earlier version, click on Copy to Draft and then in the draft tab click on Publish, which will publish the record to live the site.

Back to List

This button should always be used to navigate back to the content list within the tool. Avoid using your browsers back arrows when this button is present.


For further content management within a tool you can then use the Schedule button and set a date and time to Publish the content, and a date and time to Un-publish it.


Create Task 

This advanced feature is used to create and assign a task to another team member, hover over Create Task and select Open Task. The Task Assignment/Status window will open up for you to fill in the required information. For more on creating and managing tasks see the Task Manager article.



This functionality allows administrators to see details from unpublished or past versions of the page or selected tool content.

Add Draft

Within Advantage CSP you are prohibited from editing a Live page, but the feature Add Draft will create a blank page within the tool you are in and from there you can create new content to work with, save it and publish when ready.

Save Draft

When you begin to create an article in the News Article tool as an example, you may choose to Save Draft in order to come back later and continue working on it and not Publish at this time. When you return to the tool to continue working you will notice in the list that the pencil icon to Edit will be white and not green. A white icon means it has not been published and green means it has been published. After working with the content in the tool you can Save Draft again or go to Publish and check both check boxes and click on Publish It! as you can see below a little further in the article.

Delete Record

By selecting Delete Record you will be removing the tool from the Draft, Live and Historical tabs, and every instance on a web page where it has been used in your website. If I use Delete Record for a News Article, that article will be gone from the list of articles created in the News Article tool. In the Page Manager the Content for a page where the article was will still have the New Article widget present, but because there is no longer an article by that name it will not have anything to display. The page will not be broken, just the article will be removed if viewed in Preview or on your Live site.

Delete Draft

When a Draft has been created and Saved but not Published you can use the Delete Draft to remove it. If you have Published a Draft after Saving it the Functions drop-down will not present you with the Delete Draft option and you must then use Delete Record as noted above.


When content in a tool has been created or edit and is ready to be used in your website simply go to the top right and from the Publish drop-down select the check boxes for Share and Publish and then click on the Publish It! button. Here you can see that it's easy to Share and Publish content across all sites you manage with Advantage CSP.

The rest of the view you are presented with in Edit mode after the Versions and Version Name, will depend on the tool you are using in the Content Manager. Some common fields are Article Information, Page URL, Taxonomy, Images and Content.

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