Creating SiteSettings

API Reference

Set up a Site Settings file here.

This article is on registering the file in the CMS.

To see how to see the file in the CMS, go here.

Advantage Tools > Data Sections > Site Settings


Click to Edit or Add.

  1. Check to make it Active 
  2. Add a name - you could have a different site setting for each domain in your cms, so you can add that to your name so you are able to distinguish between them all
  3. Actions you usually want to check are Create, Save, Delete, View, Publish
  4. The Object name is your object you have chosen to inherit from in the site settings tool you created here. Add in the namespace also.
  5. Site setting tool is the path to the file you created here
Retrieve site settings in the module
litFooter.Text = this.SiteSettings<OAA.SiteSettings>().FooterContent;
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