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Setup Keyoti Search

By default Advantage CSP utilizes Keytoti search, but you can substitute this for anything you'd like. 

When deploying a new site the search will need to be indexed for the site. Keyoti will crawl and index the domains primary URL that is set in the webmaster domains tool.

Default web.config settings

<add key="Keyoti-SearchEngine-LicenseKey" value="XXXXXXXXXXXXX"/>

<add key="Keyoti-MetaKeyWordWeight" value="15"/>

<add key="Keyoti-MetaDescriptionWeight" value="10"/>


Style Keyoti Search

The pagination from Keyoti is generated as a string but does not wrap the currently selected page so it is not possible to style.

Step-by-step guide

From the front end pass the Container.PageLinksBlock to a formatting method.

<ul class="pagination-adv ">
<li class="hide"><%# Container.PreviousPageLink %></li>
<li class="search"><%# FormatPaging(Container.PageLinksBlock) %></li>
<li class="hide"><%# Container.NextPageLink %></li>


The format method below uses a Regex to match number followed by a space (a bit of a hack but it works) and then wraps that with a span tag. 

public string FormatPaging(string paging)
return Regex.Replace(paging, @"(?:\d+[\s|\n|\r|\r\n]+)", m => String.Format("<span>{0}</span>", m.Value));

Apply your styling as needed

.pagination.adv span { color:lime;}







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