A business entity is an structured data object.  These are created to store customizable data.

To implement a BusinessObject, you would create a Tool that allows administrators to add/update/delete the information, and a Module that would allow for display of the information to the end user.


Important things to note in this file

  1. Inherits from BusinessObject<T>. (Pass through your Entity Type instead of T.)
  2. Contains a list of properties based on client requirements
  3. set up your override classes:
    1. Set Summary Data Row : the column to show in the List [LINK]
    2. Set Searchable Properties :
    3. Validate : the properties must  be validated 

Create your own file

Your Business objects will go into the Domain folder within App_Code. If you have multiple domains and want an object to be common across the board, you can house them in the common folder.

You can either copy and paste the example file and change all the names, or you can right click and add a new user control to start from scratch. Don't forget to add all the important parts as mentioned above.


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