Purchasing a Plan

You can purchase a paid subscription plan anytime during your trial or after it expires. By upgrading to a paid account, you’ll have access to more Advantage CSP features and integrations.

Please follow the steps in this article to learn how to upgrade your subscription using the Account Manager.



To view our current pricing and plans, visit our Pricing page.


How to Purchase a Plan

Before You Begin

  1. Register for Advantage CSP Account Manager. Your Account Manager is where you can upgrade to a paid plan, access your invoices and view your existing licenses. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for faster access in the future.
  2. Follow the instructions in your email to activate your account.

Step 1 - Log into Advantage CSP Account Manager

  • Log in to your Account Manager.
  • Once you access your Account Manager, click on "Purchase Licenses".
  • Choose your license.

Step 2 - Review Your License and Proceed to Checkout

    • Review the product details and technical specifications.
    • Proceed to checkout.
    • You will be asked for the "License" and "Domain" information.

Please keep in mind the first domain you purchase cannot be updated through the Account Manager, as your license registration is bound to this domain provided. If you do not know your domain at the time of purchase, please use a generic placeholder domain (such as Once you know your domain name, reach out to our support team to update your account.

  • Fill out your payment and billing information.

Step 3 - View Your License

  • Once you submit your order, you will receive a welcome email and your invoice.
  • To view your license, go to "Manage Licenses", then click on "Actions" and License Details.




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