Theme Creation - Get Started Guide

With Advantage CSP you can take any Bootstrap theme and convert it to work with the Advanatage CSP Platform. 

You will find a Template folder in each domain you create. When creating a theme it is best to work from the Base Theme that comes with the template. 

In that template folder you will find a master page and a base theme by default so you extract the outer template from your Bootstrap or HTML5 based theme and keep in the master page there.

As you see, this is the mail master page that is inherited by every page. and this resides Under-> ~/DomainNameFolder/Templates/Primary.master



Then to create a template out of it -> There is BaseTheme.aspx


On the very top of base theme you will see, you would have inherited the Masterpage we created in first step.

Make sure you inherit your .aspx file as -> Inherits="AdvantageCSP.Templates_AdvantageCMS_BaseTheme"

As you can see this from the top, you can create more Templates, by simply changing the names, as you can see we override the property AdvantagePageName, and then that name will be shown in dropdown whenever user creates a page in Site Manager.

These are the base setups, suppose you want this to be a bootstrap particular theme, with some specific scripts or css which are on every page, then you can mention them here... also you can add the js and css from the Admin section too, which is preferred.


For example in the head section we can mention -> <meta name="viewport" content ="width=device-width, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no" />

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