Register a Module

Advantage Tools > Module

  1. Go to Advantage Tools > Modules
  2. Click to Add or Edit
    • Check to Activate
    • Add a Name for the Module - this is a name without spaces
    • Add a Display Name - this will show on the Site Manager
    • Select your Module Category - where you would like to group the Module in the Site Manager
    • Output Path is where the Module file location  is registered - eg: ~/Modules/Common/Banner/Slider.ascx
    • Mobile Output path can be blank and it will use the Output Path above in 2.5. If you add this, it will use this Module on Mobile, 767px viewport and less.
    • Form path is the location of your Dialog. The dialog will capture the data for output on the Module. - eg: ~/Modules/Common/Banner/SliderDialog.ascx
    • If your Module and Dialog has a corresponding Tool, you will need to select the Tool Object here. 
    • If your Tool is a rewrite tool, check this box. 
    • Select the Domains where you want this Module to be available
    • Select the container sizes you want to be available in Site Manager




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