Register a Tool

How to register a Tool in Advantage CSP 

  1. Go to Advantage Tools > Data Sections > Tools

  2. Click Add or Edit
  3. Fill out all the fields

  4. Active = yes

    Name of the tools

    Actions = all selected

    Object Name = namespace + business object name from here

    List Tool = Location in you Files

    Detail Tool = Location in your Files

    Menu Path = If you have more then one tool in same category

  5. Select the domain(s) where you want this to show
  6. Click Save 

Set up Roles

  1. Go to User Manager > Roles

  2. Click to Edit a Role - usually this is called 'Administrator' but you may have called it something else during setup
  3. This page will show the roles for your Tools and other data sections. You can see what domains this User is active for

  4. Find the Tool you created and check all the boxes to make it active for this user.


The Tool should be available in your left navigation now.

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