Create a Tool List Manager

API Reference

The list control provides the list screen for the tool manager for adding or editing a specific record.

  1. Create new User control 
    1. ie (NewsArticleList.ascx)
  2. Place control on front-end (.ascx)
    1. <advantage:ToolGridList runat="server" ID="StandardToolGridListControl1" />
  3. Inherit control in codebehind (.cs) from  : ToolGridList<BusinessEntity.NewsArticle>
  4. Bind Property to grid control defined
    1. this.grdToolList = StandardToolGridListControl1.Grid;
  5. Override DefineColumn Method and bind to properties set in (SetSummaryData on the BusinessObject class)
    1.     public override void DefineGridColumns()
              DefineColumn("News Article", "Display", eDataType.String, true, true, true);
              DefineColumn("Date", "NewsDate", eDataType.Date, true, true, true);        
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