Your First Domain

Starting a New Project

Listed below are the steps to create your first domain.

  • Open Visual Studio.
  • From the menu tool bar select – File –>New–>Project

In the list of valid projects select “AdvantageCSP Project” (you can filter the list if required)


  • Open the web.config file and configure the connection string as required (don’t forget to save!)


Running for the First Time 

AdvantageCSP upon startup will automatically bring up the configuration screen on “first run”.  This will take you through a step guide that will:

  • Allow you to review your connection string
  • Enter a valid license key (if you have acquired one)
  • Select your default domain template


From the menu select – Debug –> Start without Debugging (or ctrl+F5)

Once you are setup and ready to go to http://localhost:XXXX/admin

*** It is important to run without debugging enabled during setup.  Domain creation will unpack all code files and modules required for your domain when selected.  Debugging may cause compilation errors once the files are unpacked.***

Verify your connection string.  If your username/password has proper access the AdvantageCSP database will be created.


Enter your license key (if applicable), or “Skip” to add later.


Configure your first domain that allows you to setup the administrator account and password, domain name, and select the default template.


Stop project and refresh the visual studio solution.

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