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In this article, you can read all about Advantage CSP and how to get started!

What is Advantage CSP

Advantage CSP is a foundational framework that will enable you to build any content enable application more easily, more efficiently and more cost effective. Built with best-in class design methodologies and system architecture, Advantage CSP is a dead simple, intuitive and highly flexible solution to build your next application. Our tremendously powerful platform lowers the barriers to entry and allows anyone whether they are working alone or with a team to ship highly functional and beautiful projects. 

Advantage CSP Cloud vs. Community

The easiest way to get started with an Advantage CSP is to take a 14-day free trial - a trial account will instantly be created for you. You'll have a dedicated trial url and account dashboard where you will be able to login with a username and password and trial Advantage CSP features and gain access to our support team.

Whether you choose, Starter, Professional or Enterprise Cloud edition we will completely set up your entire project for you, while you focus on your customers and users. When you begin you will have the option to start with a blank slate or go choose our default Jupiter template.  

You can either choose to follow our User Onboarding walk-through when you first login to your Account Admin or choose to follow our helpful step-by-step guides.

Advantage CSP Community Edition

If you are an advanced user or developer, Community Edition is going to be your next favourite framework to build your next web application. The platform is fully extensible, built on and is fully documented to help you finish projects faster than ever before.  Get started with our Quick Start Guide and follow simple, yet detailed documentation to get from idea to deployment in no time.

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