How to Install and Configure Advantage CSP Application

This is a brief overview of how to get started with Advantage CSP and configure your application.



Check out our Admin User Guide and Getting Started tutorials to learn more about how to get the most out of your Cloud subscription.

Advantage CSP Cloud is where you are able to:

  • Publish your site
  • Manage hosting requirements

The Dashboard is referred to as the CONTROL PANEL.


In the welcome email, you will receive, it will contain the following important information

  • Your Frontend User experience domain (example): This is your frontend user experience.
  • Your Control Panel Login URL: This is where you log in to your Cloud account.
  • Your Connection Details: You will need this information to initialize your Advantage CSP application during the first run.
Data Source=;Initial Catalog=bestcompanySQLDB;User ID=bestcompanyUsr;Password=UvQnO3@yEsOe!


To get started on configuring your application:

  1. Visit the link in your e-mail

  2. You will see a screen like this:
  3. Copy and Paste your connection string from the e-mail

    Data Source=;Initial Catalog=bestcompanySQLDB;User ID=bestcompanyUsr;Password=UvQnO3@yEsOe!

  4. Log back into your Account Manager. Go to "Manage Licenses" on the appropriate license, click on "View Details", scroll to the bottom and copy the license key

  5. In the next screen, paste the license key in the box

  6. Create a Username & Password for your application Admin

  7. Name your website

  8. Select a theme

  9. Click Submit

  10. Your website is now initializing 

  11. Visit the frontend experience of your website and click refresh

You should now have a fully functioning website. Login your Admin by going to


Check out Advantage CSP Cloud User Guide to learn more. 

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