Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the questions we most commonly hear from people that are wondering about if Advantage CSP is the right fit for their project. The answers you will find here are of a more technical nature and are directed at developers.



  1. Can I try before I pay?

    Yes, you can take a free trial of Advantage CSP and test it for 14 days with no obligation to buy.

  2. Is it a special version of Advantage CSP that’s used?

    No. It's the same as the latest version of Advantage CSP that you can download.

  3. Can I run my high traffic site on ?

    Yes, absolutely you can run a high traffic web application off Advantage CSP, but this question is more about scaling your infrastructure that we 100% support.

  4. Can I setup a load balanced Advantage CSP site?

    Yes, for Enterprise Edition On-Premise with offer premium hosting with a load balancing configuration.

  5. Can I move my existing site to Advantage CSP Cloud?

    Yes you can. Depending on your custom applications it may take a little bit of work, but that's not to say you can’t migrate an existing site, only that some changes may be required in order for your site to fully work with Advantage CSP Cloud. For more information please contact us.


  1. On what kind of server environment does my Cloud site run?

    All of our infrastructure is based on Windows Azure virtual machines. All databases always run on the latest version of SQL Server.

  2. Can I choose which Azure Region my projects run in?

    Yes, absolutely. For Enterprise users, you can request which region your project runs on.

  3. How many resources do I have available for my website?

    Each site runs in an isolated environment next to other websites on the same server, in a virtualized environment. We give you access to your environment via our Cloud Panel. Here you will be able to the exact details about the amount of resources your site is using. 
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