Multiple Modules vs. Module with a Grid List

There are some choices to make when deciding how to gather content from the CMS. How big is the content piece? How able is the user? What output functionality do we need?

If you choose to capture content in a module and your content is a repeatable pattern, you might also need to make this decision - should I use multiple modules or one module with a grid list that holds multiple object items? 

Here's an example: a Content Tile usually consists of a Heading, Paragraph, Image, and Link. This can easily be converted into a Snippet but may be too complicated for the Client, so let's decide to use fields instead.

Now we know that we are going to have 4 tiles across and as many as they want on the page. We can either implement these as one module, that you add many times to the page, or you can create a grid list within the module. They are mostly the same although have a few small differences:

Multiple Modules:

  • Your Zone will be full of Modules 
  • You won't be able to have a wrapper class for all of these modules as they are treated as individuals. This is difficult if you want to use equal height for a tile as you need a wrapping class. (You could use a fixed height if you need this solution)

Grid List within a Module

  • Your Grid List will be full of Objects
  • You can have a wrapper class and you are able to treat all the items as one entity.
  • Setting this up may take a little longer to do but could be worth it in the long run
  • You will have a List of Objects that you can manipulate easily on the page
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