Managing .css & .js files

Adding files for rendering

Css and Js files are stored in the appropriate directory root/mywebsite/css and root/mywebsite/js.  For the files to render on the front end, they must be registered for the domain.  From the admin navigation menu: 


Click the “Add” button to add a new reference for a css or js file to the site.  Options include:

  • Url: Location of the resource
  • Location:  determine if the file is local, remote, or embedded in an assembly (local is the default).
  • Use in site : turns on/off the inclusion of the file for rendering
  • Render location: Location of the rendering on the front end (in the header, or at the bottom of the page)
  • Use in editor: (css only), instructs the advantage editor to automatically load the style sheets when used in the admin screens.


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