Viewing Statistics

To view the reports on disk space and traffic usage by your account:

  1. Go to Statistics.

  2. Do any of the following:
    • To view a report on the amount of data transferred to and from your sites over FTP, click FTP Statistics.

    • To view a report on the amount of data transferred to and from your FTP directory, which is accessed without authorization, click Anonymous FTP statistics.

    • To view a report on the amount of traffic used by services during a certain month, click Data Transfer Statistics, and select the required month from the menu.

Here are some tips that can help you free up some space:

  • Remove any unnecessary and/or obsolete files that are stored in the httpdocs folder.
  • Configure log rotation as described in the Log Files section.
  • Delete outdated emails, or configure your mail client to download email messages from the server by switching to POP3. See the Access Your Mailbox section for more information.
  • Remove outdated backup files as described in the Uploading and Downloading Backup Files section.
  • Remove unnecessary databases. See the Website Databases section for more information.

The Disk space usage by services chart displays how much space is taken up by web site content, emails, backups, logs, and databases. It makes sense to pay attention to the services that use the most disk space. If none of the steps above helped, contact your provider to increase the amount of disk space available to your subscription.

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