Create a Form

This step by step guide will should you how to create a Dynamic Form


  1. Go to to Dynamic Forms
  2. Click on Form Manager

    TIP: You can always view the default "Contact-Us" form as a template as to how to create a form.

  3. Click Add
  4. Set a Form Name
  5. Set a SEO optimized name
  6. Enter Header & Footer content (optional)

  7. Click on 'Form Field'
  8. Select the type of form element you wish to add, and click 'Add Control'

  9. Once added, click on the Pencil icon to edit the element
  10. Select the Container size. Full Size in most situations
  11. Field Name ie. Name
  12. Label Text ie. Name
  13. Select Whether you want the form element to be required or not
  14. Enter text if you want the text to show on the field as a water mark. ie. Please enter your name

  15. Click Update

  16. Click on 'Submission Messages' - Here you will be able to enter the text you wish for your users to see once a form is submitted successfully or if there is an error.
  17. Click on 'Email Messages' - Here you can decided whether you want to send the user and the admin a confirmation email as to a form having been completed. Optional if you want to send the user an email confirmation, but you will want to send yourself one. Make sure 'Include Form Data' is checked off.

  18. E-mail Server - this is where you would enter the email server details so you are able to send out confirmation emails.

  19. Click on Publish and you are done.
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