Configuration (Site, Social, System)

The Configuration Manager has many settings for your site (listed below in How To's). These settings come out of our admin dll's and are not configurable.

Site Settings

Favicon Image

This is where you add your website's Favicon. 


Javascript Files

Include additional javascript files to your site.

  1. Click to Add a new item to the list
  2. Select from the drop down list - Local File, Remote File
  3. Click to Check to Use in Site
  4. Add the path for a local file, or url for a remote file
  5. Click Update to add to the List
  6. Click Save button to complete 

Robots text file

You can create a robots.txt from here. 

  1. Click on "Site Configuration"
  2. Click on "Robots text file"
  3. Add into <Handlers> section of web.config:

    <remove name="AdvantageCMS.Core.Routing.AdvantageRouteHandlerRobots"/>
    <add name="AdvantageCMS.Core.Routing.AdvantageRouteHandlerRobots" path="sitemap.xml" verb="GET" type="AdvantageCMS.Core.Routing.AdvantageRouteHandlerRobots" preCondition="integratedMode,runtimeVersionv4.0" />

Sitemap Settings

Setup sitemap for domain (Page weights, rewrites, etc.)

  1. Click on "Site Configuration"
  2. Click on "Site map settings"
  3. Configure as required
  4. Add into <Handlers> section of web.config

    <remove name="AdvantageCMS.Core.Routing.AdvantageRouteHandlerSiteMap"/>
    <add name="AdvantageCMS.Core.Routing.AdvantageRouteHandlerSiteMap" path="sitemap.xml" verb="GET" type="AdvantageCMS.Core.Routing.AdvantageRouteHandlerSiteMap" preCondition="integratedMode,runtimeVersionv4.0" />

Sitemap configuration Page weight

"weight" is based on the depth in the site tree.  You may change these values as required.

Rewrite modules

Rewrite modules can be configured to be included in the sitemap.  When a module is added to a page, it will display in the list (Example news).

Check the "include" box to have it render all item in the sitemap.xml.  If the rewrite is directed to a different page, you may add the path to the rewrite page as well.

Site Scripts

This is a text area where you can add javascript code. 

  1. To add a script, give a name to the script.
  2. Check the option Active.
  3. Select your preferred location for it to be rendered on the top or bottom of page.
  4. Write/Paste your script.
  5. Click 'Save' before checking the changes on front-end.



Include Style Sheets to your site. Add a new Style Sheet

  1. Click the add button
  2. Select the location, Local or Remote
  3. Input your File location
  4. Check to select Site if you want to file to be used on the site
  5. Check to select Editor if you want the file to show in the Rad Editors
  6. Click update to add back to the list
  7. Click Save button to complete



Social Links


Setup your social links here and they will update anywhere you have them on the site. Follow these steps to learn how to add a new item

  1. Click Add button to make a new line item in the List
  2. Input a Name
  3. Input the place where you want it to link to
  4. Upload the image and the hover image that will be clickable on the site and the alt text for it
  5. Click Update to add it back to the List
  6. Click Save button to complete 

Social Shares


Setup social sharing links here. Add a new Share item

  1. Click Add for a new item in the List
  2. Input a Name
  3. Select your Share Type. This is for Share This
  4. Input your Image, hover and alt text for the clickable share on the site
  5. Click Update to add to the List
  6. Click Save button to complete


Disqus is a third-party commenting and discussion moderating tool integrated with AdvantageCSP.


System Settings

Editor Settings

This is used when you want to make any default changes for Editor for work within the admin, which includes - "Default action for line break(Enter)", "Creating Snippets", "Creating Classes" & "Default height for the editor".

Error Logging

Turn on Error logging for your site. To find the log, go to this path ~/Admin/Webmaster/Error/ErrorLog.aspx 

Base Theme

Select a base theme and get the js & css resource files to power it

Url Rewrites

Setup rewrites

SMTP Server Settings

Setup your email server settings

Google Analytics

Setup the Google Analytics page within the CMS 

Error Page Message

This will be used to set default content for different error code pages, including 404403 and general.

Default Role Items

This will be used to specify the default roles which will be assigned whenever you will create a new user for a new role.

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