Dynamic Forms

Here, in the Dynamic Forms section, you will find how to forms on your website. The Dynamic Forms section consists of two functions “Form Manager” and “Form Results”.

  • Form Manager: Here you can add new forms to your website. Our Form Manager has three views; Draft, Live and Historical. Below you will see five settings tabs.


    • General: Here you would enter the general information describing your form.

    • Form Fields: Here you would add the Form Fields. By clicking on “Add Control” you can adjust the form field settings and layout

    • Submission Messages: Here you can enter the Success message and Validation Failure message of your form.

    • Email Messages: Here you can select whether you would like to send a confirmation email to the submitter and/or administrator.
  • Form Results: Here you can view the results of your form. Simply select your form. You can also export form results in this section by click on the form and click 'Export'


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