This is where you will edit your page and will go into more details a little further. To edit a page, click on the Page Icon.

The screen will present you with a view that includes your working state of this particular page called “Draft”, what is currently being displayed live in “Live” and the ability to view and revert back to “Historical”.

Left Hand Side

Here you can see all the Drag and Drop Widgets that you can add to your webpage.


Right Hand Side

Here you can see the main content of your page and how to configure this page. 


  • Template: Select the page theme. This will default your website’s theme.
  • Layout: Select the preferred layout you prefer. Depending on your layout select, a pre-selected layout framework would be populated for you to be able to drag and drop different modules.
  • Versions: Here you can revert back to previous versions
  • Version Name: You can name each draft with a version name. This way you can create a “Pre-Christmas” Page and a “Post-Christmas” Page
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