Global Configuration Overview

Your Global Configuration is where you can view your site (global) sitewide advance technical settings and configurations.


In the Languages section, you have the ability to turn on and off preloaded dictionaries and dictate how that language is presented on your website.


Modules, are the content ‘blocks’ that you use to build pages and posts. You can choose to adjust how the module is presented on the frontend by manipulating the settings to your particular preferences.

Module Categories

Modules are categorized under umbrella content pieces, you can add and modify the categories and the relation to the specific modules.

Data Sections

  • Actions: Here you have the ability modify and add actions as to how your business applications or tools behave.
  • Tools: For the technically advanced users, here you are able to add your custom tools and how they interact with the AdvantageCSP
  • Site Settings:
  • Control Sections:

Domain Manager

The Domain Manager is where you are able to add additional domains to turn your website into a multi or add sub-domains.

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