Domain Settings Overview

Analytics Dashboard

View more detailed analytics of your website’s statistics.


This is where you would upload site image images and set site wide configurations like Footer Settings, Header Settings like your logo.


  • Site: Here you can add and modify site scripts including Javascript files, your Robots txt file, Sitemap Settings, Site Scripts and Style Sheets

  • Social: Here you can edit your Disqus integration, Social Links and Social Shares.
    • Social Links: Here you can add your social links like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. You can designate the icons to match  your design and where the social buttons should link to.
    • Social Shares: This is where you would provide your “ShareThis” Profile id to be able to enable the “ShareThis” functionality on your website.

  • System: Here you are able to edit functionality like whether you want to turn on/off Error Logging, set your Error Page Message and more advance functionality to personalize and control the performance of your website. These are advance user functions and can have varying performance changes to your website. For example, some users find Error Logging important, but others not so much. Logging every error slows down your website.

    • Editor Settings
    • Error Logging
    • Error Page Message
    • Google Analytics
    • Image Configuration
    • Search Configuration
    • SMTP Server Settings
    • URL Rewrites
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