Content Editor Icons Description

Whenever you find pages with a content editor you will be met with a familiar interface that you will be accustomed too. Below is a description of some of the icons.


Icon Descriptors

Artboard_1.png Style Builder - Allows the user to apply styles to the currently selected element.
Artboard_2.png XhtmlValidator - Uses the W3C XHTML Validator Page to perform validation of the current editor content.
Artboard_8.png Show/Hide Border - Shows or hides borders around tables in the content area.
Artboard_10.png Find and Replace - Find (and replaces) text in the editor's content area. (Ctrl+F)
Artboard_12.png AjaxSpellCheck - Launches the spellchecker.
Artboard_11.png Print button - Prints the contents of the RadEditor or the whole web page. (Ctrl+P)
Artboard_13.png Cut button - Cuts the selected content and copies it to the clipboard. (Ctrl+X)
Artboard_14.png Copy button - Copies the selected content to the clipboard. (Ctrl+C)
Artboard_15.png Paste button - Pastes the copied content from the clipboard into the editor. (Ctrl+V)
Artboard_16.png Paste from Word button - Pastes content copied from Word and removes the web-unfriendly tags.
Artboard_17.png Paste from Word cleaning fonts and sizes button - cleans all Word-specific tags and removes font names and text sizes.
Artboard_18.png Paste Plain Text button - Pastes plain text (no formatting) into the editor.
Artboard_19.png Paste as HTML button - Pastes HTML code in the content area and keeps all the HTML tags.
Artboard_20.png Paste HTML button - Pastes HTML content in to the editor.
Artboard_21.png Undo button - Undoes the last action. (Ctrl+Z)
Artboard_22.png Redo button - Redoes/Repeats the last action, which has been undone. (Ctrl+Y) 
Artboard_23.png Format Stripper button - Removes custom or all formatting from selected text.
Artboard_26.png Image Manager button - Inserts an image from a predefined image folder(s). (Ctrl+G)
Artboard_29.png Insert Table button - Inserts a table in the RadEditor.
Artboard_30.png Toggle Table Borders - Toggles borders of all tables within the editor.
Artboard_31.png Insert Snippet - Inserts pre-defined code snippets.
Artboard_33.png  Insert Date button - Inserts current date.
Artboard_34.png  Insert Time button - Inserts current time.
Artboard_36.png Windows Media Manager button - Inserts a Windows media object (AVI, MPEG, WAV, etc.) and lets you set its properties.
 Artboard_37.png Document Manager - Inserts a link to a document on the server (PDF, DOC, etc.)
Artboard_38.png Hyperlink Manager button - Makes the selected text or image a hyperlink. (Ctrl+K)
Artboard_39.png Remove Hyperlink button - Removes the hyperlink from the selected text or image. (Ctrl+Shift+K)
Artboard_40.png Choose HTML Template - Applies and HTML template from a predefined list of templates.
Artboard_41.png Insert New Paragraph button - Inserts new paragraph. (Ctrl+M)
Artboard_42.png Outdent button - Indents paragraphs to the left. 
Artboard_43.png Indent button - Indents paragraphs to the right.
Artboard_44.png  Align Left button - Aligns the selected paragraph to the left.
Artboard_45.png  Center button - Aligns the selected paragraph to the center.
Artboard_46.png  Align Right button - Aligns the selected paragraph to the right.
Artboard_47.png  Justify button - Justifies the selected paragraph.
Artboard_48.png  Bulleted List button - Creates a bulleted list from the selection.
Artboard_49.png Numbered List button - Creates a numbered list from the selection.
Artboard_50.png  Insert a horizontal line (e.g. horizontal rule) button - Inserts a horizontal line at the cursor position.
Artboard_51.png Bold button - Applies bold formatting to selected text. (Ctrl+B)
Artboard_52.png Italic button - Applies italic formatting to selected text. (Ctrl+I)
Artboard_53.png Underline button - Applies underline formatting to selected text. (Ctrl+U)
Artboard_54.png Strikethrough button - Applies strikethrough formatting to selected text.
Artboard_55.png Superscript button - Makes a text superscript.
Artboard_56.png Subscript button - Makes a text subscript.
Artboard_57.png Text Color (foreground) button - Changes the foreground color of the selected text.
Artboard_58.png Text Color (background) button - Changes the background color of the selected text.
 Artboard_59.png Format Code Block - Allow users to insert and format code blocks into the content.




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