File Manager

The file manager is used to upload the documents, videos and other files that are used on the site.


Uploading Files

To upload a file, first go to the desired location in the file manager you would like to add the file to.  Click the “Upload” button. Alternatively files can be dragged from the user desktop to the targeted folder in either the file or image managers.

To select the file to upload from your personal computer, click the “Select” button and navigate to the correct location on your computer.  You can add multiple files to upload at one time.  Simply click the “Add” button to add additional fields for multiple files.

To ensure compatibility with all versions of all browsers, only upload assets which do not have any spaces in their names. Either remove the spaces before uploading the files, or replace them with underscores (_) or dashes (-).

Once you are ready to upload the files, click the “Upload” button. 

If the file already exists and you are simply replacing the existing file with the new file, select the “Overwrite if file exists” check box.

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